Hair loss | woman with hair in a comb

Hair loss – finding the root cause

by Janine Thornton, Medicinal Eating | www.medicinaleating.co.uk Our hair is often our crowning glory and if you are suffering with hair loss, thinning, or have bald […]

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How to look after your skin

How To Look After Your Skin in The Winter

Winter skincare is essential, especially as it gets far easier to get dry skin. For those who are prone to getting eczema, it is even more […]

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Hair Highlights

Different Types Of Hair Highlights

With so many options to choose from, if you are just starting out with highlighting your hair, then it could be hard to pick what type […]

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Hair Colour Trends 2022

5 Autumn and Winter Hair Colour Trends 2022

At Pruners, we always keep on top of the latest hair trends and hair colours for our clients. This ensures we can advise on the best […]

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