6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Are you ready for summer? Because we certainly are! Warm evenings, the beach, the sun on our faces, we love all of these, however, our hair can sometimes take a bit of a beating!

Here are our 6 essential summer hair care tips to keep your locks looking luscious. 

Summer Hair Care Tip 1: Keep your hair hydrated

The sun can be very drying, and just like your body, your hair needs to be kept hydrated. Drink at least 6-8 cups daily to keep your hair, scalp, and skin hydrated. We also recommend investing in shampoo and conditioner that have moisturising benefits. 

Summer Hair Care Tip 2: Protect your hair from the sun

The last thing you want is dry and brittle hair, which the sun can be the cause of. There are a few ways to protect your hair from the sun, such as wearing a cap, sun hat, or scarf. Or look for products that contain UV filters, these act as a barrier against the sun’s UV rays.

summer hair care tips | woman with sun hat in the sun

Summer Hair Care Tip 3: Avoid too much heat styling

When it’s warm and dry outside, why not give your hair a break from heat styling? Using heat on your hair every day, especially without proper protection, will cause more damage to your hair, and strip the natural oils. The natural oils keep your hair from going dry and breaking, so why not try a natural hairstyle such as loose braids?

Summer Hair Care Tip 4: Prepare your hair before swimming

Whether you’re swimming in the sea or a swimming pool, make sure to protect your hair before taking the plunge.

Saltwater and chlorine are both very drying for your hair, and chlorine can also sometimes turn your hair green! The cause of green hair is the bonding of chlorine and copper, which creates a coating that adheres to the hair’s proteins, resulting in a greenish hue.

To prepare your hair for swimming in a pool or the sea, rinse your hair with clean water before and after swimming. Your hair is absorbent, just like a sponge. When it’s dry, it hungrily absorbs any liquid surrounding it – and if you’re swimming, that means it’ll suck up as much chlorinated water as it can.

For seawater, you can also add another layer of protection by using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

Summer Hair Care Tip 5: Combat frizzy hair

Most of us have been at our wit’s end when it comes to our hair going frizzy 5 minutes after stepping out the front door! Humidity is the cause of this: frizzy hair occurs as a result of dry hair soaking up moisture from the air around it, which can affect the core protein structure in the strand, causing it to bulge and eventually buckle past the cuticle, resulting in a wild, frizzy mane!

To combat frizzy hair, use anti-frizz products. These will help seal the cuticles and keep the moisture in!

Summer Hair Care Tip 6: Use deep conditioning treatments

As you probably understand by now, your hair needs moisture, especially in the summer. After all the outdoor activities, laying in the sun, and drinking maybe a few too many cocktails, it’s good to get in some extra help. Deep conditioning treatments are great, as they can help restore moisture, repair damage and enhance hair elasticity.

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