Colour Expectations

Your colour experience starts with a thorough consultation with one of our colour experts. We look at your hair condition, texture, your lifestyle, skin tones and eye colour before recommending the best approach for you.

Colour maintenance

Hair colour does require maintenance.  Bright, vibrant colours can fade quickly (especially in the sun)  and will need top up appointments, toners can start to fade after a few washes, while re-growth needs covering up and the time between appointments varies on the tone of the colour compared to your natural colour. If you’re quite grey and have a strong dark colour this is clearly going to need more frequent visits than someone with blonde hair.

Here are our tips for preserving that glossy, vibrant salon look longer:

  • Always use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to reduce colour fade and dryness.
  • Avoid washing your hair for a few days after your colour appointment.
  • Reduce washing frequency.
  • Use tepid, not hot, water when washing hair as heat makes colour fade faster.
  • Stay away from swimming pools and saunas for a week after your colour service.
  • Always apply a sun protection barrier product and wear a hat when in the sun to prevent damaging UV rays fading colour and drying hair.
  • Guard against heat damage by spraying on a heat-protective product before using straightening irons, hairdryer or curling tongs.

To book a colour appointment or a complimentary colour consultation call 01444 413839. Browse our colour menu here.


Skin sensitivity and colour allergies

It is very rare for a reaction to hair colour dyes to occur but if it does it can be severe and can even cause hospitalisation, so for your safety and wellbeing a complimentary skin test is required before your 1st colour service (even if you’ve had your hair coloured before at another salon or at home) or if it’s longer than 6 months since your previous colour with us.

To be effective, skin tests need to be done 48 hours before your colour service. No appointment is necessary for the test, and it takes just minutes – please pop into reception, or phone first if you’re unsure. Please let us know if you’ve had any skin reactions or tattoos since your last colour. Unfortunately, if you fail to have one done, then we will not colour your hair at your appointment as your wellbeing is our priority, and any booking fee will be lost.


What’s realistic

We’re flooded with images of ‘instant’ hair colour transformations on social media but it’s important to understand that some colour changes need more than one visit to achieve them, especially if you want to keep your hair healthy, glossy and shiny.  Images on social media are also often unrealistic with filters used on photos so the colour bears little resemblance to the true colour.

Why not book a complimentary colour consultation with one of our stylists and they will advise you on what will work with your hair, what’s achievable, how long you’ll need to book an appointment for (some transformations can take many hours) and the price. Simply call 01444 413839 to book your free colour consultation.