Davines Natural Hair Care

Davines is a family-owned, international natural hair care brand distributed in 70 countries around the world guided by the principle of sustainable beauty, “sustainability” means in regard to their commitment to minimising the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow.

In their own words “Our aim is not to be the largest, but the most beautiful and ethical hair care brand in the world”

Their fabulous eco-friendly products leave your hair feeling softer, shinier and deeply nourished. The natural-based ingredients gently cleanse and moisturise without stripping away the natural properties of your hair.

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Essential Haircare range

Each Essential Haircare range product has a specific function to meet your daily haircare regimen needs; hydration, volume, colour, shine, protection, elasticity, smoothness and daily care.

Naturaltech range

We now stock the Naturaltech range…

Naturaltech is a complete program that targets hair and scalp problems while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting-edge technology.