Hair Colour Correction: Pruners’ Guide to Perfecting Your Look

Hair colour correction can be a lifesaver when you’re dealing with hair colour mishaps. 

Whether you’ve had a DIY disaster or a salon mishap, this process, when done by professionals, can transform your hair from a nightmare to a dream. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of hair colour correction so you can understand what to expect and why it’s best left to the experts, like Pruners.

Understanding Hair Colour Correction

Hair colour correction isn’t a random process; it’s a precise science. We begin by analysing your current hair colour, taking into account underlying pigments and your hair’s condition. 

This analysis is crucial for determining the corrective measures needed to achieve your desired look.

The Consultation

Your journey to hair recovery starts with a consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your hair goals, preferences, and any previous hair colouring experiences. 

Honesty is essential here, as sharing your hair history ensures the best possible outcome.

The Hair Colour Correction Process

1. Colour Analysis

The first step is to analyse your current hair colour thoroughly. We will identify any unwanted tones and assess the extent of correction needed.

2. Pre-Treatment

Depending on your hair’s condition, pre-treatment may be necessary. This could involve deep conditioning or protein treatments to prepare your hair for the correction process.

3. Colour Removal

For those wanting to go lighter, a colour remover is gently applied to strip away unwanted pigments. This step is crucial for achieving the desired base colour.

4. Corrective Colouring

Here’s where the magic happens. We will expertly apply the chosen colour to correct any issues and achieve your desired look. This step requires precision and a deep understanding of colour theory.

5. Post-Treatment

After the colour correction, your hair will require some extra care. Your stylist will recommend specific products and treatments to maintain your new colour and keep your hair healthy.

The Benefits of Professional Hair Colour Correction

Expertise Matters

Our hairdressers are skilled professionals with a profound understanding of hair chemistry and colour theory. They can tackle even the most challenging colour correction tasks with confidence and precision.

Customised Solutions

Every head of hair is unique, and our professional hairdressers will create a tailored plan to address your hair’s specific needs. This personalised approach ensures the best possible results.

Damage Control

Attempting hair colour correction at home can lead to further damage and unexpected results. Our professionals take measures to minimise harm to your hair, leaving it looking and feeling its best after the correction.

Hair Colour Correction | shiny brunette hair


In the world of hair colour correction, your hair’s transformation is in the hands of our skilled professionals who understand the science and art behind it. 

Say goodbye to DIY disasters and salon mishaps – embrace the expertise of a Pruners hairdresser and unlock the stunning, confident you.

Hair Colour Correction – FAQs

How long does a typical hair colour correction appointment take?

The duration varies depending on the complexity of the correction needed, but it usually takes a few hours.

Will my hair be damaged during the correction process?

While there may be some damage, our professional hairdressers will always take steps to minimise it, and your hair can be restored with proper care.

Is it possible to go from dark to light hair in one session?

It’s possible but depends on your hair’s condition and the desired end result. Multiple sessions might be required for a drastic change.

How do I maintain my newly corrected hair colour at home?

We will provide guidance and recommend suitable products to maintain your colour and keep your hair healthy.