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If you’re searching for a ‘men’s hairdresser near me’, look no further!

At Pruners, we don’t just cater to women’s hair, we also cut, style and colour men’s hair.

We are trained and skilled in cutting men’s hair and also recognise that sometimes men require the same hair services that women traditionally use.

However, finding a reliable and skilled men’s hairdressing salon nearby can be daunting. Look no further; come to Pruners in Haywards Heath, West Sussex!

If you looking to switch up your hair style, this blog will guide you through what we consider a fantastic choice for men’s hairdressing near you in Haywards Heath!

The Importance of Quality Men’s Hairdresser Near Me

When it comes to hair, men have increasingly become more conscious of their appearance and grooming. No longer just a simple cut at the barbershop, men’s hairdressing has evolved into an art form, offering a diverse range of styles and techniques. 

At Pruners, we understand what men want from their hair and endeavour to ensure our male clients leave with confidence and a sense of style that suits their personality. 

Expertise in Men’s Hairdressing

As professional men’s hairdressers, we recognise the unique requirements of men’s haircuts and styles.

We possess the expertise to craft a perfectly groomed look, taking into consideration face shape, hair type, and personal style:

  • Different face shapes, such as oval, square, round, or heart-shaped, call for specific hairstyles that complement and enhance facial features.
  • With many different types of hair, not all hairstyles suit all hair types. As trained male hairdressers, we have the skill to cut a style that works for the type of hair you have.
  • Like any other fashion-conscious individual, men seek trendy and modern haircuts that align with their personal and current styles. At Pruners, we follow the latest hair trends and endeavour to create the latest hairstyle you are after!

Men’s Hairdresser Near Me – Range of Hair Services

These days, it’s no longer just a short back and sides; there are many types of haircuts and hair styling available for men.

At Pruners, we cut and finish men’s hair and aim to cater to all preferences, from contemporary styles to the more traditional look. 

From textured crops to longer hair lengths, we offer trendy options that appeal to our style-conscious male clients.

Our men’s cut and finish pricing is set at a lower rate than our general hair services, offering professional and expert service whilst also being value for money. 

Other services that may take your fancy are our range of colour services. You may have some troublesome grey to cover up or just fancy a new look, highlights or a complete change of hair colour. 

Come into the salon for a personal colour consultation to discuss what you are looking for and for advice about the types of colouring services we do.

For more information about our hair colour services, check out colour expectations.

Low-Maintenance Haircuts

In a busy world, time is of the essence for many, and a low-maintenance haircut is often a top priority. 

You may require a style that requires minimal effort to maintain while still looking sharp and well-groomed. 

Our professional stylists will ensure your haircut is cut into an easily manageable style so you don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day!

Men’s Hairdresser Near Me – Personal Consultation

Before beginning any of our services, we offer a personalised consultation where we discuss your preferences, lifestyle, and hair goals.

We are always looking at the latest hairstyling trends and love to help advise on what will suit your hair and how to freshen up your hairstyle.

Our team of hair consultants will tailor the perfect hairstyle for you!

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Men’s Hairdressing in Haywards Heath, West Sussex

If you’re hunting for “men’s hairdresser near me” or “men’s hairdressers in Haywards Heath,” look no further than Pruners Hair in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. 

Book an appointment with us today and let our talented stylists create the perfect look for your hair.

Call us at 01444 413839, email us at, or visit our contact page to get booked in. Alternatively, pop into our salon, and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for!

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