Olaplex: repair, protect & strengthen your hair

Pruners are an official Olaplex salon and stocks the complete range of Olaplex in salon and at home hair care treatments and products.

Repair, protect and strengthen your hair – Olaplex reconnects damaged bonds in the hair. Chemical change from dyes and physical change like heat causes the hair to become weaker and therefore more vulnerable to further damage.

It also works well as a stand-alone treatment to restore heat-damaged, coloured hair. We are so convinced by it that we recommend clients include it as an integral part of their colour service as it doesn’t affect the colour in any way and dramatically reduces breakage leaving your hair appearing smooth and healthy.

Olaplex treatment prices start from £25. Ask your stylist for more details.


At home care

We now stock all of the Olaplex range so you can continue to protect and maintain your hair at home. The maintenance shampoo & conditioner help repair bonds while gently cleansing all types of hair whilst eliminating damaged frizz for strong, healthy, shiny hair.