Pruners Hair & Beauty – Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts

Over the past few decades, becoming more environmentally friendly is an area that more and more businesses strive for, especially in the hair & beauty sector. The more businesses that implement this outlook on the way things are run, the better the outcome will be on our earth!

How Are We Playing Our Part?

Here at Pruners, we care about our environment, along with the people, plants, and animals within it. This is something that will forever stay close to our hearts, so we make sure the product ranges that we use and sell are animal-friendly, plant-based, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

For all things recycling, we use a company called Salon Sustainability, who help salons easily recycle up to 95% of waste. They take care of everything we need to dispose of, such as PPE, foils, colour tubes and much more.

Premium Eco-Friendly Products

Along with being eco-friendly, we make sure to only use the best products in the industry with all our clients so that they can receive a bespoke and memorable experience when visiting our salon!

Here are some of the wonderful premium product brands we use:


Clarins are our go-to brand for skincare and beauty. In 2020 they were classed as the No.1 premium skincare brand in Europe, and we can vouch for this!

Their products are made in the heart of France and will always use natural ingredients over chemical ones. Clarins uses over 250 natural plant extracts across its product range and has eco-designed packaging making them a fantastic sustainable company.


Davines put sustainability at the forefront of its brand. It even features in their tagline – “Beauty + Sustainability.”

This is one of the great reasons why we love to use Davines for our hair care range!

For over 20 years, Davines has been creating a big impact in the beauty world, are they are committed to using renewable energy, whilst offsetting carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

After using Davines’ natural products, your hair will feel amazing. Pop into our salon and we can discuss what you are looking for!


Olaplex – An incredible brand with a focus on repairing, protecting, and strengthening your hair – features cruelty-free, non-toxic formulas throughout its range of natural, vegan products.

Their goal, same as Davines and Clarins, is to reduce the impact on the environment with sustainable processes, through sourcing ingredients and producing packaging in an eco-friendly manner.

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Pruners Hair & Beauty

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