Different Types Of Hair Highlights

With so many options to choose from, if you are just starting out with highlighting your hair, then it could be hard to pick what type of hair highlight to have. In this blog, we will be highlighting (excuse the pun!) a few popular types that you can choose from.

Full Head Highlights

Full head highlights involve highlighting every section of your head to change the colour all around. You could opt for only slightly lightening your hair colour, or you could have more of a substantial change – for example, going from brunette to blonde.


As opposed to full head highlights, balayage is more subtle. It will generally feature thinner, fewer streaks and less dramatic colour fade. Balayage could be described as a way to enhance your existing hair colour with some extra tones, rather than completely changing it.

Partial Highlights

This technique involves a bespoke placement of highlights, covering just half the head with your desired highlight colour or choice. This can create either a subtle or a bold look depending on where you want the highlights and how contrasting they are to your natural hair colour.

Hair Highlights


This is a hybrid technique combining the use of foils with the balayage method. They differ in the fact that with balayage, we would use a brush to paint the hair to give the desired highlighting effect, which results in a natural look. With foil-ayage on the other hand, we will use foils to isolate specific sections of your hair that you want to be highlighted which will result in a far more precise application.

With foil-ayage, you can have a more defined, bold look with stronger contrasts between your natural hair and highlighted sections.

The Demi

Demi-permanent hair colouring is a way to change the colour of your hair without it being permanent. It will generally last up to around 24 washes, depending on how thorough you wash your hair and what shampoo you use.

This type of hair colouring is great to blend in grey hair, enhance your natural colours or add in various tones to highlight your hair.

To learn more about highlighting and the other various ways to style your hair, we are always here to offer advice.

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