5 Autumn and Winter Hair Colour Trends 2022

At Pruners, we always keep on top of the latest hair trends and hair colours for our clients. This ensures we can advise on the best colours that are not only on trend but also suit our clients’ skin tone, hair type, length and also lifestyle.

Here we have listed 5 autumn and winter 2022 hair trends that we believe will be really popular. This is the perfect list for those wanting to try something new.

1.   Au Naturale

Hair Colour Trends 2022

We’re pleased to see that the natural look has come back into fashion. Colours such as rich brunette hair seem to be a particularly popular choice. This involves turning the brunette up a notch by also adding subtle sun-kissed undertones to add depth and definition to the overall look. We think this looks fabulous and will be perfect for those who are used to having brunette or black hair but are looking to try something slightly different.

2.   Curlights

Hair Colour Trends 2022

This is another fabulous choice and is called balayage. Balayage involves adding highlights to your hair, avoiding the roots, and mainly focusing on the middle level and the ends of your hair. Balayage can also be a great choice for those with straight and wavy hair too.

This is a fantastic way to add colour, texture, and tone to your hair. At Pruners, we will provide guidance on the best shades that will work well with your hair style as well as current hair whether it is coloured or natural.

3.   Copper Tones

Hair Colour Trends 2022

Natural-looking copper and strawberry blonde paired with subtle highlighted undertones also appear to be firm favourites at the moment. This can create a soft and warm look to your hair. And we love the fact it can look so natural!

This can be a great alternative for blondes in the winter. You can choose how subtle or different you want the copper or strawberry blonde tones to be.

4.   Low maintenance highlights

Hair Colour Trends 2022

If you love the look of highlights but would like a lower maintenance option that will not require you to go to the hair salon quite as frequently, then this could be the perfect option for you.

This option involves subtly adding both darker and lighter shades to your hair whilst maintaining a darker root to prolong the regrowth. This look will also bring out the natural curl and definition of your hair.

Different shades of highlights are often used to create this look, with auburn tones being firm favourites for blondes when transitioning from summer to autumn and winter.

5.   Peachy Golden Blonde Hair

Hair Colour Trends 2022

Another popular option for those looking to move away from conventional blonde to something new is the peachy, light golden blonde hair look. This is a way of adding depth, and definition to your hair and when paired with your skin tone can even give the skin a natural glow.

This is achieved by adding low lights to your hair which helps separate solid colours by adding slightly darker tones to your hair. These can be as dark as you would like and really help to create a more natural and transformed look.

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Still unsure of what colours would best suit you? At Pruners we will talk you through the different options to choose from, taking into account your skin tone, shaped face, hair type and length.

We will also advise on the best hair styling products for women and men, to keep hair looking fabulous and in good condition every day.

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